The movement of body parts keeps them active. This causes shading of deposited fat of our body and this keeps us fit and fine. Staying fit keeps you away from many life-threatening diseases. This is why many of us go to the gym or join yoga classes to stay fit and healthy. But most of the working people don’t have that much time to spare for gym or yoga classes. Thus they don’t get the time and energy to workouts. But there are some exercises which could be done even at home and they too are capable of keeping you fit and healthy. Here are some of the fitness programs that are instructed by some of the best fitness instructors in the world.

1. Obe Fitness is one of the best fitness programs that will keep you away from depositing fats into your body. Here you will get advice from some of the best fitness experts who are associated with NYC. This program is of 28-minute workout and you need to continue it for a certain period of time.

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2. Alo Moves is the combination of different skill levels which contain different fitness exercises along with yoga as well. Not only these, there are pilates and meditation also so as to make your mind free from all the stressful activities. You can download it from the site and perform the exercises according to your time.

3. CORE DE FORCE is basically a cardio program that contains different types of martial art acts like judo, muay Thai, boxing, and so on.

4. Insanity is another cardio program of 60 days that contains some of the advanced exercises. The exercises in this course are never easy to perform and that’s why it has been named Insanity.

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5. P90X is a very challenging training program and is only for those who are able to take the challenges. These 90 days will be the toughest to follow the routine at a stretch. This contains martial arts, yoga as well as plyometric, and so on.

6. Crossfit is such a training program which is composed of different types of exercises. This fitness program can be customized so that you can suit the difficulty levels of this training program.

7. BBG is an advanced training program to lose weight in the least time. You need to follow the routine which is composed of cardio exercises, balancing exercises as well as exercises to increase strength.

8. P. Volve is a very high-intensity package of exercises that are used to generate a high level of resistance against different types of consequences. There are more than 200 exercises that are really helpful to make a man fit and stronger in a few days.


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9. PIIT28 teaches you to work out with a pause of some minutes. Here you don’t need any equipment to pursue them this should be done for 28 days without fail.

10. PiYo also is a package of exercises to continue for at least 60 days with yoga and pilates.

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