Expert in fitness Holly Rilinger gives you four exercises you can practice anywhere, even when you’re busy to get your exercise in.

1. Two Punches. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing 45 degrees. Bend your knees to ensure that your legs are parallel to the floor. Make fists using your hands and lift them to the level of your chin. Keep your elbows next to the torso. Push your heels through to push your butt. While in the squat, push with your right hand to the left, while simultaneously moving your torso, towards that direction. Repeat this with the hands of the left to right. Keep punching in every direction, without stopping for 30 seconds, moving as fast as you can.

Two Punches

2. Hurry-Up Lunges. Put yourself in a plank position with your palms on your shoulders, and your arms straight. Balance upon your heels. Your right foot should be thrown forward so that it falls exactly to the left of your left hand. Take a moment to pause and then leap your left foot to return to the beginning. Restart the jump, and repeat with your left foot. Continue to jump for 30 minutes, bouncing at the speed you can.

Hurry-Up Lunges

3. Plank Hops. In a plank position, you should be by balancing your forearms and toes in a position where elbows are directly underneath shoulders and the legs are in contact. Utilizing your core to strengthen your body to jump both feet just a few inches to the left. Then, move them just a few inches further to your right. Keep jumping until you’ve reached 30 seconds of moving as fast as you can. Keep your back straight when you jump. It will help you strengthen your core.

Plank Hops
4. The Victory Jumps. Standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width away, toes facing towards the forward. Bend knees until your thighs are in line to the floor. Then extend straight arms in front of you with an angle of 45 degrees. As you push into your heels, leap to the side as high as you can, while simultaneously pushing your straightened arms forward and raising them above in a V-shape. Revert to your starting squat, then leap again. Keep jumping for 30 minutes. Then, do one or two sets of all four of them. For more energy utilize your arms to move.

Victory Jumps

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