Physical workout is a very important area of life that keeps you healthy and fit. It is very important to stay fit since this will protect you from various diseases that are caused by the sedentary lifestyle in the current days. Most people do a workout in a particular span of time, either early in the morning or in the evening. Since their daily routine is time-bound, they can’t increase the time of working out even if they want to. But there are some ways through which you can increase the amount of workout within that specified time period.

Take Shorter Breaks

When you work out, you take a break in between two sets of exercises. Mostly the break becomes 1 to 2 minutes. But if you can shorten the break by some seconds, cumulatively they will increase the workout time to a large extent. If you can shorten the break by 10 seconds every time, you can increase at least 1 minute of work out after six sets of exercises. This is how you can increase the time of working out within the total span of your workout. This method has some advantages also. Here you will require lesser energy to pump up your heart after your resting phase which in turn will increase the number of calories burnt.


Try Different Types of Exercises

When you keep doing a single exercise, your body gets habituated with that after some time and thus the rate of calorie burning gets decreased. On the other hand, if you continue with the same exercise for a longer period of time, it will increase the risk of your injury due to overdoing the particular exercise. So you need to add variety to your list of exercises so that you can have some change during your workout session. It will also increase the tenacity of your workout too.

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Nutrition Is Most Important

Nutrition comes from food. The mass of our food becomes our own mass as it gets assimilated into our bodies. The result of your workout will reflect more intensely only when you will do justice to the nutritional requirements of your body. You need to take high protein as it builds the body muscles. On the other hand, the proper amount of carbohydrates will give you energy so that you can continue with your workout routine.

Sleep Well

Proper sleep and rest will give your muscles a proper build-up. Until you sleep properly, your body and brain will not get proper rest which is very bad in the long run. Without proper sleep, you will lose energy as well as there will be unwanted hunger and stress.

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Proper Cardio

Cardio exercises are important to heat up your body. You need to do proper cardio exercises to be in a steady-state. After an intense cardio exercise, weight training will increase the intensity of your workout. The body will keep burning calories even after you finish your workout.

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