The health of a person is first considered from his physical health where the body structure, as well as the intrinsic condition of the body, is measured. When it is the matter of internal body condition, then the body weight of a person plays a major role. The experts advise that a person of an average height of nearly 5.5 feet should have the ideal body weight of 60-65 kg. There are very few people who have the ideal body weight as per their height. Other than them, most people suffer from either being overweight or underweight. Here are some of the ways through which you can gain weight if you are underweight as per your body structure.

1. The first thing you need to do is to eat frequently in optimum quantity. Eating heavy meals at long intervals will not work that much since it will produce energy for your routine. Thus you need to eat in optimum quantities so that they can accumulate in your body cells to grow muscles.

2. The food you will eat should be full of nutrients. To gain weight you mainly need two types of nutrients, namely carbohydrate and protein. Carbs will provide you energy to work and on the other hand, the protein will build your muscles. Thus a healthy diet is always needed if you are focussing on gaining weight.

3. If you are running short of time to eat solid food, then you should try to eat smoothies and shakes filled with nutrients. The drinks should contain enough carbs, proteins, and fat content which will give rise to your body mass. Despite drinking preserved foods, try fresh juices, dairy products as well as chocolates which are really healthy as well as nutritious. Some dry fruits on them will be like the cherry on the icing of the cake.

4. Drinking water with food is not a very good habit actually. Since the stomach produces acid and digestive juices while we eat food, drinking water will decrease the effectiveness and functionality as a whole. The undigested food is not good for health and the nutrients will not be absorbed properly. This is why you should not drink much water while you are eating. Half an hour before and after the meal is the ideal time to drink water.

5. If you are unable to eat without having some liquid content with it, then you should avoid water for sure. You can place some healthy beverages as well as calorie enriched drinks with your meal. This will not dilute the gastric juices and will help your digestion to get better.

6. Exercise is a must whether you want to increase or decrease your weight. There are several exercises that are very good to increase muscle mass. You can also opt for some yoga as well as aerobics which are actually good for gaining weight. On the other hand, exercises will give your body a perfect shape as well as it will also help you to get a firm body.

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