The secret to a healthy and long life is regularly doing an early morning workout. Although many people get up late in the morning, all successful people have a workout plan for their mornings. In this short article, you will get to know all about the benefits of doing an early morning workout. You will also find the best morning workout plan for you.

Benefits of an Early Morning Workout

There are several benefits to doing workouts and exercises in the morning. It can not only increase your overall stamina and body strength but will also enhance your metabolism and alertness. Moreover, there are fewer distractions in the morning, so you will be able to concentrate on your body. It will also help you in leading an active day without any weakness or tiredness.

Best Early Morning Workout Plan

Your early morning workout plan has to be perfectly balanced. Since your body was at rest, you should not lift heavyweights. You should try to engage all your body parts moderately in a short time. The best workout plan for the morning consists of the following exercises:

1. Stretching


Your first exercise should be stretching your inactive muscles. You can do simple circular movements with your arms and legs, followed by your hips. It will help your body in warming up for the exercise session.

2. Planks


To do a plank, you have to stretch your body, with your face pointed towards the floor. Your elbows should be on the floor and arms from above the elbows should be in a straight line. Your entire body should be straight and you have to hold this position for 3 seconds and do 3 sets.

3. Push-UpsPush-Ups

You have to do 10-12 push-ups of 3 sets. In a push-up, you have to face the floor like planks but your body will be supported by your arms. Your arms should be around 35 inches apart. Lower your upper body slowly until your face almost touches the floor. Then slowly push up and repeat the step.

4. Sit-Ups


You have to lie on the floor with your face towards the ceiling. Then place your feet on the ground and bend your knees. Your hands should be behind your head. Slowly pull your belly button inwards and put pressure on your abdominal muscles. Slowly pull your head upwards and then your shoulders. Do 12 repetitions of 3 sets.

5. Squats


You have to stand straight and put your hands behind you. Then flex your knees and act as if sitting on a chair. Your legs should not move while you are doing squats. You have to perform 10-12 repetitions of 3 sets.

6. Lunges


Start with putting one leg forward by flexing your knees. Go as far as your body permits and lower your rear knee towards the ground. Then slowly pull back to the starting position and repeat the same with your other leg. You have to do 10-12 repetitions of 3 sets.

7. Side-Plank


Rest your feet and hips on the ground and stack your legs on top of each other. Put your right elbow under your shoulder and your head and spine should be in a straight line. Gently lift your hips and knees from the floor and contract again. Do this for 30 seconds thrice.

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