Bodybuilding is a process known for developing one’s muscles for aesthetic purposes by hypertrophy of muscle. Many progressive resistance exercises are done for bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a distinct activity because the main focus is on appearance instead of body strength. A person who is doing this activity is known as a bodybuilder. Many people do bodybuilding only to enhance the beauty of their body while some bodybuilders choose it as a profession. In professional bodybuilding competitions, competitor appears and performed specific poses to show their muscles to judges. Then judges rank these competitors based on their symmetry, posing, muscularity, size, stage presentation, and conditioning.


This activity requires a lot of time and effort. For building body, if one start now then firstly he/she need to gain weight of 4-9 kg per year. This could be possible only if he/she lifts 7 hours on weekly basis. Later on, after 2-5 years weight gain begin to slow down. Many bodybuilders used anabolic steroids and some other kinds of drugs to recover early from injuries and to build muscles more quickly. But the intake of these drugs is banned in some competition because of health risks and considerations regarding the healthy competition.

Many bodybuilders used three main strategies to maximize hypertrophy of muscles

  • Hard training by lifting weights and elastic resistance
  • Special diet or nutrition including protein shakes and supplement if necessary
  • After work out enough rest and sleep.

If you are a beginner and wanted to improve your look, these bodybuilding tips will help you find the right way. It is a great activity to strengthen, tone, and stabilize your muscle but even a single mistake during training will keep you out of training for months. If you want to build your muscles, then be patient, start with some basics of bodybuilding and then move forward.

Here are some tips for bodybuilding that help to speed up your results :

1- Stick to free weights:

Complex, heavy tech machines are now the main part of modern gyms. These complex machines will not help beginners to build a solid foundation for bodybuilding. So when you are starting, firstly use dumbbells and barbells to build muscles. Free weight offers a wide range of motion and relies on proper form, this helps in building more muscles than those modern machines found in gyms.

2- Focus on lifting more weight over time:

A Bodybuilding tip that will affect your rate of weight gain is whether you can add more weight to the bar over time. It does not matter how many fancy principles of bodybuilding you are following, if you are not increasing the weight over, a time of the month then you are not going to gain weight as quickly as you should be. To maximize the rate of weight gain by muscle hypertrophy, you should be lifting heavier and heavier weight. If you are trying to lift more and more weight over time but a stage reach where you are not able to bump the weight higher there is time to start following other strategies such as drop sets, supersets, etc. to increase potential. This increased potential will help you to bump weight to the next level.

3- Go on rep short of failure:

The third bodybuilding tip is to pay attention to the rule of failure. Some people believe that the best way to gain weight is to do every single set till failure. They think that exhausting the muscle fully will help them to gain weight earlier. Some part of this thinking is true, but you can run into several problems if you are trying to do every set till failure.

The first issue you are going to face is central nervous system fatigue. In workout programs where you have to go through every step till failure will be very draining on the central nervous system. After a few weeks of such work out your central nervous system is so exhausted that you are unable to lift the weight.

BodyBuilding Poster

The second issue one faces while doing such kind of work out, if you are doing this on the first exercise of your workout, you are not going to do it for the second, third, and fourth exercise after that. Instead, aim at going 2,3 resp short of failure. This will help you in pushing your body to the level of intensity needed to build muscle, without destroying you.

4-only perform exercise that works for at least two muscle group at once:

You have to do compact exercises for bodybuilding. You are going to spend far less time in the gym due to limited time and recovery stain so do not waste this time while doing exercise that involves only a single muscle or a group of small muscles. If you want to maximize your potential do exercises that involve at least two muscles. So follow a rule that 80 percent of your workout do exercises involving at least two muscle groups.

5-Fuel your body right before and after the workout:

You need to fuel your body right before or after the workout. Failing to get in the amino acid need to build muscle mass or body will start using carbohydrates for this purpose. If you are not certain about the time of your nutrition intake, you should be sure about these two times. Without providing enough nutrients to your body, you, are not going to build your body properly.

6- Don’t train every day:

If you are a beginner then your routine should have 3,4 days per week. They need not train themselves more often as a beginner. Doing exercise daily will lead to muscle strains and will cause many debilitating injures.

7- Avoid Junk food:

While doing bodybuilding, you want to get weight by muscle mass, not by fat. So one need to eat quality food like lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and healthy fat and stay away from junk food, and fatty foods.

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