If you want to shed a few extra kilos on your body and don’t know the best workout routine for it, then here are a few tips. Remember, routine cardio exercises and lifting a little bit of iron will help you maintain the right physical level, but to get the optimum results and tone your body according to the specific requirement you need to know the right drills. In addition, to minimize the risk of any injury, know how to hit the ideal machine and put pressure in the appropriate way.

So here goes. Take note of the best cardio exercises for your body.

Hit the Elliptical machine designed to minimize the risk of injury to your lower part. These are a great way to burn extra calories without risking any injury, especially to your joints, knee, and hips. In comparison to the treadmill and stair-master, these machines have a low impact but give very good results. To optimize the output, increase the inclination and put pressure on your leg muscles. Hold the handle with moderate pressure to avoid risking injury to the wrist and shoulders.

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Another effective way to burn fat and calories is running. Keep the pace Best Cardiomoderate, not too fast so as to avoid any adverse impact on your muscles. Though this requires a lot of energy and time, it is the most economical way to burn the extra fat. Add a few sprints in between and you have a great result.

The stair climber at a moderate pace can burn as much as up to 600 calories in an hour. With a higher leg lift, the impact is very good. Use it in short bursts, so that your body gets adequate time to recover.

The skipping rope is one of the cheapest exercises to burn fat. It not only improves your footwork but also enhances shoulder muscles apart from the obvious calorie burn. Skip rope at short intervals for at least 30 minutes and you could burn up to 500 calories.

The kettlebell not only burns calories but also builds muscles. The best way to do it is to lift moderate weight for short durations. Pick it up for 20-30 seconds and then rest for the same period of time. 30 minutes of this cyclical routine can burn up to 400 calories.

Cycling is a great way to shed a few extra kilos in your body. You will find it not so popular workout instrument inside gyms, the reason being that it requires very high intensity. If you manage to hit the pedal at a very high speed you could end up burning more than a thousand calories in an hour.

In swimming you are fighting gravity, as a result, you are making that extra effort which burns even more calories. Incorporate different strokes in your swim to not only break the monotony but also get the best result.

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If you are looking to apart from burning fat, also toning up your body to perfection, then start rowing. Use your legs and arms with the same intensity and you are assured of a great athletic body after a few days.

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