Bungee Fitness does not operate at the moment. Please visit our Schedule to see classes that will be available in 2021.

Bungee is a high-intensity cardio workout that is playful, fun, and liberating. You can dance to great music while improving your core stability, coordination, and stamina.

This class targets the core, glutes, and legs. You can run, squat, and jump to burn calories and reach your fitness goals.

This class is not for the weak-hearted. Be prepared to sweat, engage your brain, and expose your body to something it has never done before.

You will need to wear a harness. This may cause discomfort. As we say, no pain, no champagne.

Outdoor footwear is not allowed in the aerial studio. You should immediately take off your outdoor footwear and put on clean indoor trainers. For support, we strongly recommend that you bring clean trainers. If you don’t have any, you will be asked to remove them.


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