Most of the working people don’t get ample time to do exercises to stay fit. Their sedentary lifestyle takes them through the path of different diseases which can be proved lethal later. Thus you can adopt the habit of doing some of these exercises which you can easily do in your office to burn calories.

  • Take Water Breaks

More than 60% of the human body is made of water. It maintains the equilibrium of the water balance of our body along with regulating the heat. Thus, if you will drink some more water than your daily normal requirement, then you will be able to burn some more calories by this. Water cools down the interior of the body as well as the body parts. This is why more calories are required to warm them up again and this will help to increase the metabolism of our body.

Office Exercises

  • Go Through the Longer Way

Opting for the long way will help you to burn some more calories on the go. If you go to your office by bicycle or by walking, then you can easily burn some more calories as this will intensify the exercise.

  • Reject the Lift

Now a day, most corporate office buildings have got lifts or escalators to take you to your floor. But if you can show some strength and choose the stairs, then this will be beneficial for you as well. Getting to your floor by the stairs will ask you to go for some more work out and it will burn some more calories. It will also help you to burn the fats deposited on your thigh muscles as well as hips and abdomen too.

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  • A Stability Ball

Sitting continuously on a chair will cause you deposition of fat on different parts of your body. Here you can seat with relaxation and thus your body and mind don’t have to stay alert. But a stability ball like a gym will keep your body parts as well as mind alert so that you don’t have to face a fall. This includes working of different muscles as well and it is beneficial to burn some more fat throughout the day.

  • Glute Contraction

This is a very popular exercise among yoga enthusiasts. Through this, you can contract and expand your glutes alternatively. This contraction and expansion will help you to burn the fats deposited on your abdominal muscles. This will give you a flatter tummy as well as is a very good exercise to burn calories too.

  • Calf Raises

During your office hours, you can stand up and put some more pressure on your toe to rise on your calf. It helps to bring your thigh muscles as well as leg muscles in shape by shading some fats from these areas.

  • Arm Circles

This may look silly but you can move your arms around your shoulders to work on them. This will make the muscles prominent as well as stronger.

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