In the modern world most people like office jobs rather than jobs that demand physical forces. This leads most of the population of the world to sit on their desk in front of the computer for hours. Though everybody knows the importance of physical exercise in relation to good health, laziness still puts a halt in front of them. There are situations when the body demands physical exercise and the mind wants to rest. But sitting continuously in a particular place thus can cause you several damages in your health. Those who think to go to gyms often miss going there due to lethargy.

  • Effects on the Sedentary Lifestyle

The sedentary Lifestyle can cause several diseases like obesity, cardiovascular dysfunction along with diabetes, and sometimes, cancer. Once you are attacked by these diseases, you cannot reverse your physical conditions even by intense hard work too. Most of the experts advise that sitting continuously for a long period of time is as harmful as smoking. You need to have regular physical exercises for at least 40 minutes to 1 hour a day. This will help you to increase the blood flow within your body and it will maintain proper functioning of all your body parts.

  • Danger in Front

In different research-oriented articles published in the top-class journals of the world, the scientists have claimed that excessive sitting can cause more than 34 types of chronic diseases. The diseases range from physical to mental as well. The diseases mentioned here like obesity, diabetes are the primary stages of the hurdles towards good health. Back pain, neck stiffness as well as deformities in the spinal cord are very common results of the sedentary lifestyle. You can also get in a state of depression as well as can get to mental problems as well.
In these research papers, they have claimed that people, who normally walk for 2 hours a day as a whole, tend to be healthier as well as thin with their body in relation to those who tend to sit for hours and continue their work. Sitting in a continuous position can because you reduced effectiveness in glucose regulation in your blood. It eventually leads to type-2 diabetes. Sitting has got a direct relationship with lifespan also. The researches have shown that those who sit continuously for more than 6 hours tend to die earlier than those who take a break and walk around their office premises.

  • Avoid Laziness

First of all, you need to avoid the lifts or elevators operating in your office space. You should opt for the stairs and get to your floor. At least 3 to 4 floors should be climbed up through the stairs every day. The second thing you can do is you can take your mobile phone or tablet in your hand and get to the lounge area for or sending the email. The third thing would be you can use a Bluetooth headset so that you can at least stand while you are talking to your customers over the phone.

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