Pain in the body after you have hit the gym for the first time can be both uncomfortable and debilitating. It is not uncommon to come back after a workout with sore muscles and joint pain. An irregular exercise routine can lead to muscle tear and weakening of the joints. This happens because the muscle fiber breaks and it takes time for it to recover and come back stronger. New workout enthusiasts need to be careful since such soreness can lead to them skipping a few sessions or aggravate injuries.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your body before, during, and after a workout. More importantly, one must understand the critical role the pre-workout regime plays to ensure an injury-free, pain-free session at the gym.

If you have pain in your joints after your first day of exercising, take medical advice. If you are suffering from muscular pain, note a few precautions you should take before, during, and after exercise. This pain is normal and happens due to the building up of lactic acid. It is not something to skip your sessions for fear of aggravating it. All you need to do is to be a bit careful.

Warm-up your body before hitting the treadmill or lifting the iron. A couple of stretches will ensure a proper blood flow in the body and save your muscles from the shock of the resistance they face during a workout. This does not take much time and critically saves you the blushes.

Pain after Workout

When you exercise, avoid eccentric exercises initially. That is to say, do not put stress on the lower part of the body. Begin from the top and gradually go to the bottom. Since it is while you are putting resistance with the help of the lower part of your body, the muscle fiber tear happens. Therefore, come to this part after your body has warmed up properly.

Take care of the movement patterns of your body. If you are not accustomed to moving certain muscles avoid them during the first few days. More importantly, do not move them in ways that are improper.

Once you finish your workout, to avoid soreness stretch your limbs and other parts of the body that have gone through the rigors. This improves the blood flow and contracts the muscles, thereby, decreasing the chances of soreness.

Diet is a key element of any workout routine. A good and healthy diet works far more than a lot of other precautions in ensuring an injury-free body. Include a balanced portion of proteins and carbohydrates to avoid any wear and tear of your muscles. In addition, a good diet helps muscles recover faster.

Either during or after a workout, massage your muscles. This will help increase blood flow and mobility. Massaging, especially the sore parts bring immediate relief.

Include cardio exercises in your regimen. Brisk walking and running are essential workouts that must be part of your daily routine. Good cardio exercises improve blood and oxygen circulation and ease the pressure on your muscles.

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