There are several daily routine works that can give you the same amount of exercise and physical engagement that you can expect from a complete gym session. For those who specifically want to join a gym for bodybuilding, we do not mean those types of workouts. But, in general for maintaining physical fitness, there are everyday activities from washing clothes by hand to gardening that can be similar to lifting weights, for example. And, even better try to understand what type of activities offer what kind of exercises.

Use Everyday Activities for Health

To increase the level of physical activity, engage in cardiovascular health and overall strength, we must stay active. Any trainer at the gym will ask you to do lots of things. Because the biggest key to success is to do it regularly and never skip.
In the US, Americans admit to exercising 3 to 5 days a week, for around 30 minutes. But, in other places like developing countries average daily labor works regularly for 6 to 7 hrs of physical labor every day. Thus, generally, they are lean, healthy, and have the overall strength of a beast.

Workout in Gym

Because everyday activities that involve labor as a part of professional work are different. What would others who work on the desk do? What would they do?

Here is a list of things you can do as a daily activity that does not involve working.

  • Walking to Nearby Places for Grocery, Shopping, or Work

What is easily ignored is taking the stairs or walking up to your office a couple of blocks away, similarly, for kids when going to school. Walking is similar to running on a treadmill because studies have proved that running is the same as walking but for a longer duration.

Then, walking at a good pace is still a cardiovascular workout similar to that in the gym. So, the more distance and more time you’re doing it, the better. In case you live in hilly areas where the terrain goes up and down, you are doing even better.

  • Talking About the Stairs Above, Take the Stairs Next Time

In cities, people hardly use stairs these days when commuting to public places, when going around in a mall and in the office. Yes, if your floor is 40th, you can take the stairs, but in general, for short walks, do not ignore them. Include it as a workout because it improves your leg like the leg day at the gym.

Walking up the stairs is like a resistance towards gravity and it helps build stamina. It will instantly boost your energy levels and you start to feel energetic. So, the next time you are at an airport, take the stairs rather than the ramp.

  1. Grocery shopping
  2. Cleaning your house
  3. Washing clothes
  4. Gardening
  5. Cooking


All the above daily activities are equivalent to working out in a gym because they offer different levels of physical exercise to different parts of your body. And, even keeps your mind sharp.

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