The big challenge parents with autistic children face is how to keep them engaged constructively and relieve their stress levels. It is important to find reasonable ways to keep the child calm, improve his or her attention span and level, and deal with flood emotions that consume them from time to time. Fidget toys are a useful tool to deal with such scenarios.

They are a tried and tested method to help people of all age groups overcome stress and anxiety. From adults dealing with tricky situations in the office to children unable to grasp what their teacher is writing on the board, Fidgets help in calming the mind and easing the pressure. There is no better example of the therapeutic role they play than when they are in the hands of children suffering from autism.

Among the most common and effective Fidgets are the Reversible Sequin Hand, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Play Foam, Spaghetti Ball, and the Tactile Tiger Hand.

Children have to flip back and forth the Reversible Sequin Hand Fidget. It changes colors with every flip making it visually calming. It has an elastic strap attached to hold it and can be fun playing with. Similarly, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty helps a child self-regulate while fidgeting. Parents must help children manipulate these colorful putties that will help especially those suffering from autism improve their attention span. Not only this, but these can also help them improve their motor skills. A simple exercise for this would be to hide a small object inside the putty and ask the child to retrieve it.

Make your child a sculptor with the Play Foam. He or she can create different objects and designs with this textured bubbly foam. Squeezing acts as a therapy to control anxiety and calms the mind. Along with the foam hand your child a Spaghetti Ball. Watching brightly colored noodles slipping through the fingers can play the magic of relieving stress and calming the nerves.

Another useful Fidget Toy is the Squishy Stress Balls. These thermoplastic rubber balls will help improve motor skills as well as increase the focus of the child. The best part is that parents can join in with the child to play with these safe, bouncy balls. Tapping them sitting, on the go, or even running can ease the muscles, and bring calmness to the mind.

Autistic Children

Your child can squeeze and stretch the naughty mice sitting atop a cheese cube with the Stretchy Mice and Cheese Fidget Toy. Apart from being a stress reliever, this toy strengthens the hand and improves motor skills. Another such toy in the animal series of Fidgets is the Tactile Hand Fidget. It has a brushy feel to it that the child may enjoy apart from giving him or her extra tactile stimulation.

Watch colors play a game with your child in Abilitations Squash. He or she can work the fingers through its narrow chamber. Watch the colors that will calm the mind. These toys are designed to help an autistic child improve motor skills, sensory inputs apart from playing the crucial role of easing pressure on the mind and distressing the body.

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