Before Figure 8 Fitness, my experience in “dancercise” was limited to competitions with my sixth grade best friend and Richard Simmons’ legendary Sweatin’ to the Oldies videos, which I did for fun with my parents when I was a child in the 90s. (Yup, I’m a little bit dating here.

When I first saw Facebook ads about Figure 8 Fitness helping people lose weight, I must admit that I had vivid visions of Dancing in the Street or candy-striped dolphin shorts.

After completing more intense HIIT training programs, Bodyboss And Jillian Michaels I had naively believed that this program would be too difficult for me.

However, I was intrigued by the idea and decided to give it a try. I have yet to complete 8 weeks, but I can’t wait to share this Figure 8 Fitness review with you.

It was too easy, I know!

Disclaimer This post is not sponsored and I am not associated with Body FX. This review is a true reflection of my thoughts and experiences with this program.

What is Figure 8 Fitness?

Jaana Kunitz, a former competitor in ballroom dancing, is the brains behind Figure 8 Fitness. This program is based on Latin dance and includes merengue, salsa and pasa dolbe dance moves.

The program takes 8 weeks to complete and is divided into three phases: Learn, Burn and Sculpt. The exercise videos can be viewed online, via the Body FX app, or on DVD.


Equipment required

This program requires very little equipment. It is ideal for home workouts. You will only need some resistance bands. like these for some of the sculpting exercises, and an exercise mat.

You might also consider buying some dance shoes. I find regular runners a bit awkward for some moves. It’s possible, but not easy. I just discovered that there are dance sneakers, so I ordered a pair. These bad boys Amazon.

shoes from amazon

Split soles are what make the arch look so high. However, it is actually quite light and makes it easy to perform steps.

Program costs

Figure 8 Basic is currently $47 USD and you can get lifetime access to it. You also get Figure 8 Express at no additional cost. This includes a series of shorter workouts. The payment allows you to access the programs through the Body FX app or their website. However, physical DVDs will cost you a few extra bucks to ship.

The Bodyboss Method is the only program that I have tried that required a one-time payment and not a monthly subscription. Their online edition The cost is roughly the same, but it’s a 16-week program rather than 8. Figure 8 compares to the above. Very little will pay more for the same amount of material.

However, it is not excessively expensive. The quality of the material is an entirely different matter.


Getting Started

After purchasing the program, Body FX will send you a welcome email with login instructions.

It is important to get your first email. This email will tell you where to begin and give you the schedule.

Logging in to the platform for the first time is overwhelming and confusing. (I mention this because I tend to ignore welcome emails, as I want to get to the important stuff.

Figure 8 Fitness

The Platform

Logging onto your Body FX account allows you to stream your workouts directly from your tablet, computer, or laptop.

The Body FX dashboard looks a little basic. You will find the guidebooks, progress tracker and schedule at the bottom. You will need to search for the next video, since they are not in chronological order.

The platform is not interactive. It is a PDF file. The program does not have calorie burn meters, a way to rate your workouts, nor any other fun options to personalize it. Figure 8 shows the technicalities of an online fitness program.

The App

Figure 8 Fitness also comes with an app. However, I rarely use it because I see no benefit to streaming it from my computer. Although an app for your phone can be great for some programs, I prefer to use a bigger screen when they are uncut and the moves are so complex.

The app is not designed to attract you to use it. Even the PDFs of the guide and schedule just redirect you to this website. There is one advantage that I can see. You can download the videos, so even if you’re not connected to the internet, you can still access them.

The Videos

The videos usually last between 30-40 minutes with a few shorter ones thrown in.

A few videos offer modifications tutorials. It would be nice to have more videos that break down the more difficult moves. You could also have timestamps to help you quickly get to the point you need if you are looking to practice a particular section. I was puzzled by the fact that you have to do half of the video one day and the other on the next.

You can also see the “back view” version of the workout in a few videos. I think these are great as it makes it easier to follow the steps by mirroring the person behind you.

The Community

Body FX has a Facebook group that allows you to share your successes, struggles and victories with others who are following the same program. I’ve been a member for several weeks now and it has been very supportive and encouraging.

It is worth signing up and participating in the program to keep you motivated.

The Program

This program is made up of a few videos. About half of them are tutorials, modifications and tips. This program is eight weeks long, so you will be repeating the same exercises multiple times.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. This is good because you will need to practice the moves a lot and it’s fun enough that you’ll be happy doing the same videos several times.

However, I think you may eventually become bored if you continue to use it for a long time. It’s not something you’d want to repeat over and over again. (Like I do with BodyBoss.

There are so many fitness programs out there that offer dozens to thousands of different workouts. Figure 8 is one of my favorites. It’s the type of program that I can see myself returning to at least once a year or supplementing a cardio session.

Figure 8 is part the Body FX platform. There are many other fitness programs. I was able to get a 30-day trial membership that allowed me all access to all of the programs. This included Figure 8 Ultimate, Jaana Rhythms, as well as several other programs.

However, you will need to pay an additional fee for continued access.

A few notes on Figure 8’s nutrition guide

For the simple reason I don’t follow a fitness app, I rarely do a detailed review of their food plans. This Figure 8 Fitness review is no exception.

The truth is that I’ve never been a fan restrictive diets. I have yet find a food plan that doesn’t require time-consuming food prep or meals that my family will enjoy.

I did, however, take a look at Figure 8’s nutrition guides out of curiosity.

It is not an easy read. You will find pages upon pages of text before you reach the nutrition blueprint. There is nothing particularly convenient about this diet. The sample meals did not look appealing.

One example of a suggested breakfast is eggs, lentils, and broccoli with olive oils. These three ingredients can be combined in what way?

A long list of restricted foods is also available, including dairy, beets and carrots as well as rice, salt, and cheese.

Overall, I find this to be one of the most inconvenient and boring diet plans I have ever seen. You will need to be committed to reading through it and sticking to it.

This is just my opinion, so don’t be surprised if I add a little salt to it.

My personal experience with Figure 8

Although I am only halfway through the program, there are still a few videos that I haven’t tried. However, I feel confident enough to share my experiences and results.

Background: I have been exercising regularly for more than two years. At this point, my goal is not to lose weight but to maintain my tone.

The “Learn Phase”

The “Learn” phase is the first four days of the program. Jaana will teach you basic moves during these sessions. These tutorials are still exercises! The one-on-one sessions were definitely exhausting.

It was the complexity of some moves that first struck me. Jaana blew me away in minutes. I thought I knew my rhythm, but I was wrong.

Each move is composed of three parts: hips, feet, and arms. Jaana will teach you how to do each step of a move, starting with the footwork.

Although the women in the video seem effortless, I found it difficult to coordinate the layers at the same time, especially when the pace was fast.

It’s like bimanual interference, but with your whole body.

I was not confident with my moves by the fourth day and wished there had been more dance drills or tutorials before jumping into “Burn”.

Although I ended up watching a few videos again, I kept going. I decided to focus on my footwork and hips and not so much on the arms.

The “Burning” Phase

I think I got 90% of the Cardio Learn moves wrong the first week I alternated between Dance Drills & Cardio Learn.

However, by the end I was sweating like an animal.

These drills will make you sore. Ab exercise is something I love. I already have a strong core, even though it’s not toned. These exercises still left me with sore abs, especially in my obliques. This is a great thing, because this has always been my problem area with traditional HIIT.

What really shocked me was the extent of my arm pain. No dumbbells, pushups or other resistance exercises are used in the cardio and dance workouts. The intensity of the arm movements will tone your biceps, triceps, and upper arms.

My legs felt tired and had a (figuratively) rough time.

It is comparable to HIIT in terms of calorie burning. My calorie burn was actually much higher than the time I spent on the stationary bicycle.

It’s because you keep your intensity up longer and you are constantly changing it up.

Although the cardio and dance drills take about 40 minutes, the workouts were so engaging and fun that it was almost impossible to stop laughing.

Jaana’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious. It is amazing to see how she can dance for 40 minutes without stopping and shout out instructions. It was a great cardio workout that made me smile and laugh at times.

The “Sculpt” Phase

These workouts have yet to be tried by me, but I will update my review once I do. I was able to sneak a peek at the workouts and Jaana really takes it up. She also adds a few exercises that target your legs or arms.

You will need resistance bands to do this, but dumbbells are fine. This is how I plan to do it anyway!

Figure 8 Fitness: Does it Work? My personal results

It wasn’t difficult for me to lose weight so it’s all about maintaining and toning.

Although I’m not done with the program, I can say that I have lost a few pounds from holiday slump and am starting to notice a little more definition in my arms. Although my core hasn’t changed much, I believe that it’s because I am now at the point where diet is more important if I want to “get shredded”.

My obliques feel a lot firmer, I’ll be honest!

Figure 8 Fitness is a good option. These full-body exercises are very effective and you will see the results if you stick to it.

You’ll also learn dance moves that you can proudly show off at weddings and other celebrations. #win

Figure 8 Summary of Fitness Review

Figure 8 is an enjoyable, challenging fitness program that will help you stay in shape. It’s so fun that I keep coming back for the dance drills. I may even make it my main form of cardio.

Never before have I seen a workout so effective and fun!

Jaana’s energy and teaching style are amazing. I also love the Body FX community that is supportive and warm on Facebook.

It doesn’t use the latest technology to make it as user-friendly as possible. It would have been an issue ten years ago, but now it is not.

These exercises have a steep learning curve and are extremely challenging. While they offer modifications that make it easier, it is possible to have problems if you have back or knee problems. Some people might find the moves difficult and may find it too difficult at first.

It’s well worth the effort to keep it up.

Although I might not be ready to join the Latin flash mob any time soon, I will enjoy learning these dance moves and staying fit.

What did this Figure 8 Fitness review make you feel? Are you a fan of the program? Do you have questions or feedback about it? Please leave a comment!


  • Ideal for home exercise
  • Exercise is fun
  • Exercises can burn lots calories
  • Amazing Facebook community
  • Access to the Figure 8 Express bonus program
  • Equipment is minimal


  • It is a steep learning curve
  • If you have knee or back problems, high impact may not be the best option.
  • App and web platforms can be a little confusing, glitchy and out of date.
  • Less variety in workouts – lots of repeating the same videos

Quick FAQ

What is Figure 8 Fitness?

Jaana Kunitz created Figure 8 Fitness, an 8-week program that targets your core and incorporates Latin dances such as salsa, pasa doble and merengue.

What is the basic cost of Figure 8?

The program currently costs 47 USD at the time of writing.

Do you have any equipment?RequiredThese workouts are for you?

This program requires very little equipment. You will need an exercise mat, resistance bands, and a pair or dance shoes.

Is Figure 8 really effective?

Yes, Figure8 Fitness is effective. These full-body exercises are very effective and you will see the results if you stick to it.