It is a very common problem to many of us that we are not happy with our body weight. Though many of us are not suffering from obesity, still everyone wants to lose more weight. This tendency can be harmful to health and you can lose your vital muscle mass due to this. It is really a matter of concern that most of us are not aware of the perfect body weight. We don’t know what should be our weight as per our age, gender, and other factors. Here you will be able to know how you should measure the perfect body weight of a person.

1. Most of us mainly depend on nutritionists to know about the perfect weight of our body. They measure some factors and tell us about the perfect body weight. It is different for different people depending on their height, age occupation, and many other factors. The body weight should be as per the BMI or body mass index of a person. If you are having a height of 5’5’’, then you should have a body weight of 111 to 150 lbs. For women, this is less and it can vary up to 30% depending on various factors.

Perfect Body Weight

2. BMI can’t be the only parameter to decide about the perfect body weight of a person. Due to the different food habits and nutritional statuses of people in different countries in the world, the ideal body weight varies from person to person and place to place. In India, the ideal weight for a 5’5’’ man is much lesser than that of a man of the same height in Africa or Europe.

3. The ideal body weight of a person depends largely on his occupation as well. If a person is an educationist, then the weight should be different from a person who is a wrestler by profession. On the other hand for a footballer of the same height as the wrestler, the ideal body weight is always less. Thus the scales like BMI or BMR can’t define the ideal body weight as a whole.

4. Whatever is the ideal weight of a person or the real weight, what matters is his fitness. If he is fit in terms of his activities and is physically, mentally, and socially healthy then you can call him fit even if his body weight is a bit higher.

5. The experts say that whatever is your body weight, the thing that matters is your feeling towards your life. If you are overweight but you are enjoying your life in all aspects, then you are out of danger. If you are fit to be present in your work on all the working days, going through a vigorous workout for at least 5 days a week, and getting sound sleep of 7-9 hours at least, then you are really healthy. The thing you need to avoid is a prolonged period of sitting idle in the office. You need to maintain strong relationships in society in all aspects to stay fit.

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