Compulsive smokers, nicotine addicts struggle to give up that one habit that they claim keeps them kicking and alive. Smokers across age groups find it difficult to cope with reaching a point where they can simply throw out this habit. This is one of the reasons many people just don’t try quitting smoking. But you can, if you have the will power and follow a few simple steps.

Most importantly, learn from others who have either quit the habit or were unsuccessful in giving it up. Speak to them, inculcate the good habits, and kick out the bad ones that were exercised by those who made the unsuccessful attempt.

Quit Smoking

Once you have absorbed the lessons, draw up a plan for yourself. Follow it with clockwork precision. Evolve your action plan as time passes and stick with it. In short, strike the date on the calendar and write it in stone. Don’t postpone the tough call.

The day arrives and you must eventually make changes in your food habits. Study those food items on your plate that give you an urge to smoke after eating them. Throw them out of your diet plan, and eat more of those items which make the taste in your mouth bitter after smoking. The same applies to drinks. Avoid hard drinks as they taste better with nicotine. Instead have lots of fruit juices and soft drinks that kill the temptation to pick up a cigarette.

Gradually move towards a more active life. Studies have shown that people enjoy a drag more in stationary positions. That is to say, you cherish a drag either sitting or standing in one position. Therefore, start moving your body more. Take a walk, go for a jog, or simply add strolling into your daily routines.

A key element to quitting the nicotine habit is to deal with the hand that has held your cigarette for years. Your hand that has acted as the vehicle to move your cigarette to your mouth will cringe when denied this right all of a sudden. Keep it busy. Hold some fidget toy, a drink, or play with something like a Rubik’s cube. Just as your hand, your mouth needs to be kept on a leash. Chew gum or any similar substance easily available.

Finally, make a list of the reasons that have prompted you to quit the habit. The reasons could be any or many. They could range from personal health to your family’s well-being. Many people give up the habit when confronted with a fait accompli of smoking taking its toll on their body. They wait for the doctor’s ultimatum and wake up to a grim reality when shown the dark patches in the chest x-ray. Even worse, there comes a time when passive smoking starts taking a toll on the family. Remind yourself of such reasons you have chosen to quit and keep revisiting them.

If you cannot do this all on your own, then don’t hesitate to take some expert advice. There are helplines, therapists, doctors; counselors who specialize in helping people quit smoking. Reach out to them.

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