The world is going through an unforeseen condition now due to the coronavirus epidemic situation all over the globe. The health experts have advised keeping the face and nose covered to block the entry of the virus. But as days are passing by, the conditions are getting better now and the places for gathering of people are open. Like the other things, gyms are also open and people have started going there again. In such a situation, to avoid the infection, you need to wear a mask for sure. But the respiration system of the body is facing problems while anyone is doing any intense workout. An ample amount of oxygen is not getting inside the body and thus various problems related to the respiratory systems are evolving. To get rid of this situation, the experts are trying to find out the solutions throughout the world.

The Base of the Problem

Oxygen is the most necessary thing to live on the earth. Thus you need to inhale this gas and exhale carbon dioxide from your body. This gas is necessary to bring out the energy stored in the foods whereas it is also very important for the cells of our body. Now while someone is doing some intense exercise with a mask on his nose as well as face, it is obvious that it will block the path of the free flow of oxygen into the lungs. You can think that it may result in decreased oxygen supply in the blood thus you may feel claustrophobic. But the researchers have seen that whether you are exercising with a mask or not, it makes no difference in respiration. They have tested the oxygen count in blood and have seen no significant difference in the level of oxygen in the blood.

The Actual Problem

The actual problem lies somewhere beyond our thinking and wearing a mask during exercise will help you to avoid it very well. While we speak normally, the intensity of the breath, cough, sneeze, or the droplets from our mouth during speaking is less. But while we are doing exercises, we are forcing the lungs to work with more intensity as well as forcefully. Naturally the breathing speed as well as the intensity during exercises increases. This may cause the spread of the germs to other people to a large extent as the force and trajectory of these droplets as well particles change. This is why the researchers are advising the common people to wear a mask while they are doing exercises.

When Is a Mask Usable?

You can wear a mask whenever you are out of your home. Other than that you can also wear it while you are roaming through a crowded place or if someone comes to your home. You need to maintain a distance of at least 6 to 10 feet from the other person even if you are wearing a mask. These precautionary measures will definitely keep you safe from infection.

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