The whole world is now combating a common problem of human life called obesity. Almost every person in this world is concerned about the extra weight of their body. Thus they are trying their level best to get rid of the extra pounds and they are adopting several ways to reach their target. Some are taking the route of hard exercising, some are going through yoga. But there is another way through which you can get rid of the extra fats of your body. Here you need to adjust your diet plan a bit and increase the intake of protein food by reducing the carbohydrates. During this diet plan, you will be given a very little amount of carbohydrates and the same will be replaced by fat and protein. Since you are reducing the carbohydrate intake in your body, it will get to a metabolic state which is named Ketosis.

What Is a Keto Diet?

What Is a Keto Diet

A question may arise about what is a Keto diet. Normally a person takes 50 to 60% of the carbohydrates of his daily meal. But in the case of the Keto diet, you cannot consume that much carbohydrate. As carbohydrate is the main source of energy of our body, it protects the fat content to generate energy in the body. While you reduce the consumption of carbohydrates drastically, the body breaks down the fat cells to make the necessary energy for its physical and physiological works. During the Keto diet, you can only take 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates so that the blood sugar level does not fall and you don’t get sick. The required energy of the body will be generated by oxidizing the fat cell and it will cause you to shred the excess amount of fat in your body. In a Keto diet plan, almost 50% of the meal contains protein and the rest are made of fat and the least amount of carbs. People who want to shred their extra pounds quickly and effectively can adopt this diet plan. Basically, a Keto diet plan is for a month after that you will have to take a short break of nearly one week and then again you can go for the second phase of your Keto diet plan.

A Ketogenic diet is basically a form of diet that does not have the responsibility to give you proper health. It is only used to lose weight early. People who are suffering from cardiac problems, certain brain diseases, and have problems with acne are advised to stay away from this kind of diet. Since the heavy fat content can increase the problems as well. Though this diet is all about reducing the intake of carbohydrates it eventually increases the intake of fat through different foods like butter, oil, and cheese. This is why you require taking proper advice from your doctor as well as a diet expert on whether you can go for this diet plan or not. Without knowing the proper ways of adapting to this diet plan can cause you heavy harm. Eventually, there are some side effects of this diet, and people who are capable of tolerating these things can go for or other specific kinds of diet plans.

Preparation Before You Start a Keto Diet

Preparation Before You Start a Keto Diet

Changing to a different type of diet system requires some preparation of the body. You can’t switch over to a different kind of food plan suddenly as the body requires getting adapted with it. First of all, you need to start with the basics of the Keto diet. It may cause you some uncomfortable moments first up but slowly and gradually it will get adjusted. Since the Keto diet is targeted to reduce the carb intake in your daily meal, there will be less than 30 grams of carbs daily in your diet. The lack of carbs will be fulfilled by the intake of fats. As carbs are the sources of energy for the physiological and physical functions of the body, you require some substitute to cover the lack. Fat is a very good source of energy in the body and in absence of carbs, it will oxidize to generate energy in your body. So your meals should be filled with meat, cheese, nuts, oilseeds, eggs, and other sources of fats. The same amount of fat gives double energy than that of carbs and thus you need to put some low-calorie vegetables in your daily meal.

During the Keto diet, you should keep some important aspects of it in mind. You will not get that much low-carb food here and there and thus you need to carry your snacks wherever you are going. It will cause you a sense of unfulfillment many a time after you eat meals as carbs help to secrete the hormone that gives you the signal that you are done with your food. Taking too much protein diet will definitely cause you some change in the chemical as well as fluid balance in your body. It will also affect the balance of minerals in your body too. There you may have to take enough salt as well as electrolytes from outside too to keep your body hydrated. If you want your Keto diet to work faster, then you can use some Keto salt supplements too. There may be several obstacles in your road to weight loss through the Keto diet, but you need to stay focused and not lose hope.

Things That You Can Take during Your Keto Diet

Since you are not taking carbs in ample amounts, you need to take such foods that will keep you filled. Without a proper amount of food you may feel starving as well as due to lack of satisfaction after eating, you may have mood swings as well. So here are some of the best foods that you can eat during your Keto diet.

1. Meat


Meat is a very good source of protein. It will help you to build your muscles and shred extra fats in your body. There are varieties of meat that are available in the market. Most people who are on the journey of weight loss try to avoid red meat like mutton, beef, pork, and so on. But here in the Keto diet, you can easily go for all kinds of meats. In other weight-loss diets, the experts recommend only boiled meat so that no extra oil can get in. but in this case, you can go for your favorite dishes made of chicken or mutton or beef and no one is going to stop you since along with protein, you also need ample amounts of fat too.

2. Fish


Sea fishes can be very good sources of high protein and essential fatty acids. They are actually very tasty and are very good for heart health. On the other hand, it will provide the necessary amount of protein as well as fat content required for the Keto diet plan. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout can be very good options for those who are going through their Keto diet plan.

3. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are very essential in this case of diet. Milk contains almost all kinds of micro-nutrients which are really necessary. It also will give you some amount of carbs along with fat too. Other than that, cheese, butter, and creams can be beneficial for the person going through the Keto diet.

4. Nuts and Oilseeds

Nuts and Oilseeds

These are very important parts of the Keto diet since they contain essential fat contents for your health. Almonds, walnuts, cashew, peanut along with flaxseed, pumpkin seeds are very healthy ingredients in Keto diets. You can take them through your meal as they will provide you the necessary amount of good fats to keep your internal organs healthy.

5. Vegetables

Filled with vitamins and minerals, vegetables are very much needed for those who are going through the Keto diet. Vegetables will keep your stomach full and the dietary fibers present in them will definitely keep your stomach healthy. Vegetables of different colors will provide you different types of vitamins as well as minerals too. On the other hand, they will give you some amount of carbohydrates as well. If you are looking for some change of test of your mouth, then these veggies will definitely provide you with a different kind of test.

Foods That You Should Avoid during the Keto Diet

Foods That You Should Avoid during the Keto Diet

When you are going through a Keto diet you need to take proper food enriched in protein and fat but the only thing you should avoid is carbohydrates. Most of the snacks available in the market are full of carbohydrates. Though there are different types of carbohydrates, still the snacks are mostly made of simple carbs that get into the body and assimilate easily to release energy. This is why they get digested quickly and you feel hungry soon after you finish the snacks. Some of the foods that you should strictly avoid if you are going through your Keto diet plan are mentioned here.

The first thing that comes on the list is bread and bakery foods. Bread is one of the steady foods of our daily life. It is a good source of carbohydrates that helps you to generate energy for all your works. This is why consuming bread and bakery products, diet crackers, cookies are strictly forbidden in the Keto diet plans. The second thing that should be avoided is sweet and sugary foods. Sweets are full of sugar and sugar is the finest form of carbs. This is why you need to avoid sugar and sweet foods very strictly. Sweetened beverages contain a high amount of sugar so you need to stay away from soda, different kinds of packaged fruit juices, sweetened tea, and soft drinks.

On the other hand Spaghetti, noodles, wheat, rice, cereals, potatoes, corn, peas, pumpkin, black beans, chickpeas, citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, pineapples, and most importantly alcoholic drinks should be avoided if you want to get your body fat free really. There are different kinds of fats too that you should not consume during your Keto diet like margarine, vegetable oils, and so on when you are taking protein as the major contributor to your meal you should definitely try to have fresh meat. Processed and packaged meat is very much unhealthy and will disturb your goal of losing weight.

So far we were discussing the foods that we should avoid during the Keto diet plan. But there are some foods that we can easily take. These foods contain healthy fat in good proportion and thus you can consume them to keep your body healthy. There are some supplements that you can take like exogenous Ketone supplements. This is nothing but some extra amount of Ketones that you provide to your body from outside. Medium-chain triglycerides give the Ketones a boost to keep your body healthy.

They are also beneficial in terms of losing weight, gaining energy for your daily works as well as they help in digestion also. There are some snack options too for the people who are going through the Keto diet. Almonds and cheese are very good sources of healthy fat for the body. Avocado with chicken salad, unsweetened coconut, nuts and seeds, half-boiled eggs, olives, and salami berries can be good snack options for you so that you don’t feel starved while you are traveling or you are out of your home for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Keto Diet

Benefits of Keto Diet

1. The lower the number of carbs in the diet, the lower the appetite will be. The experts say that sugary and carbohydrate foods increase the appetite. Hunger is the enemy of your diet plan and thus if you will go for a Keto diet, then you will feel less hungry.

2. While you will lower the number of carbs in your meal, it will cause drastic weight loss at the start of the diet plan. As we all know that carbs are the fuel of our body and thus while there is less supply of carbs in the body, it will use the fat to generate the energy for the physical or physiological works of the body. This will cause faster shredding of fats from the body.

3. Like in nature, in our body also, there are different types of fats available. There are different sites where the fats are stored. The risk of health is thus determined by the deposition of the fats inside the body. Mostly the fats deposited in the lower abdomen are very harmful. This fat is very rigid and thus is the reason for obesity. While you lower the number of carbs in your diet, you will notice that the fat stored in the lower abdomen is getting shredded very fast. The fat which is used to generate energy in absence of carbs is generally supplied from this portion of the body.

4. While you lower the amount of carb intake in your body, the triglyceride content of the blood falls. It is the fat molecules that move through the body along with the blood through the blood vessels. Thus it reduces the risk of different diseases and you can stay safe from the dangers of blockage of the blood vessels.

5. High-density lipoprotein is a very healthy fat content of the body. While you decrease the amount of carb intake, it gradually increases the HDL level in the body. It keeps the heart healthy and protects the other organs from danger.

6. As soon as you decrease your intake of carbs, it causes a lower level of sugar in your blood. Lower sugar level thus causes lowering the insulin levels. The Keto diet is thus very helpful for those who have blood sugar.

7. It also brings the blood pressure under control as increased carbohydrate is the cause of elevated blood pressure too.

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