If you are tired of unsuccessfully trying to give up your habit of drinking alcohol, hope is not too far. There are some simple rules of life that you must follow too, if not completely kick the habit, at least reduce drinking. But before you start it is important to understand the ill effects of failing to drop the bottle. Remember, the number of calories that alcohol carries is almost seven times that carbohydrate and protein-rich food items have. This is enough to not only play havoc with your waistline but also have a debilitating effect on both your health as well as your social life. Therefore, the earlier you kick the habit the better for you.

To begin with, it is important to create goals in your mind. Do you want to reduce drinking, restrict yourself to picking up the bottle only on weekends, or do you want to give it up completely? Most importantly, keep reminding yourself of the reason behind the decision. This could vary from concern about the shape of your belly, or general well-being. At times even the harm it does to your social image can be a trigger.

Once you have written down your goal, set some rules to reach it. Critical in this is to take your friends and family into confidence. Once they know of your change in drinking habits, the temptation to join in parties and other social occasions where alcohol flows freely will automatically reduce. In case, there are repeated offers to pick the extra glass, hang out with people who understand and respect your decision.

Move towards reducing the number of days when you pour a drink for yourself. Treat a few days in the week as fasting days. Start with, maybe 3 days in a week and then reduce it to 2 days in a week. Further, stick to a day like a Sunday to enjoy your drink. The reduction in the number of drinking days will allow you to revisit your goal, and eventually help you kick the habit altogether.

Then comes the critical part, warding off the temptation to pick up the bottle recklessly. Revisit your drinking habits. Look over your shoulder and remember where and when you are most tempted to drink. You could run to pour a drink when you had a bad day at work or picked up an argument at home. In addition, you may love to drink with friends or at parties. Whatever be the occasion and excuse for you to drink, make that special effort to kill that moment. If you are alone and tempted to drink, instead go for a walk, or a run. You can even just pick a book to read. At parties where the temptation to drink may be high, enjoy a soft drink or simply some delicious snacks.

Finally, it is important that you realize that the fear of failure should not stop you from trying even harder. In other words, do not ever give up just because a few hiccups came in the way. Keep at it to reach the goal you have set for yourself.

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