Walking is one of the most prime exercises that can help you to stay away from lots of lifestyle diseases. Walking helps you to move all your body parts and stay flexible as well as fit so that you can function well. Since walking is a very good exercise, it keeps you away from accumulating excess blood sugar, accumulating fat content in the blood vessels as well as it also helps to bring the waste materials out of your body by generating sweat. Walking helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body and thus it is very important to keep the body fat under control. You can shade a good amount of fat from your body if you walk for nearly 6 to 7 kilometers every day. But there are lots of ways which can help you to increase the amount of body fat through walking.

  • The Hit and Trail

If you are walking every day for nearly one hour you can shed up to 315 calories. But hitting the trail instead of only walking will help you to burn additional 142 calories. This is how you can lose nearly 2 lbs of your weight every year.

  • Try Window Shopping

Many times we go shopping. It can be healthy for you if you don’t buy all the necessary things from only one place but you roam around different shops and buy those things. This is called window shopping and this increases the amount of distance you walk on a day.

  • Walk and Rest

Most of the health experts will advise you to walk in a continuous manner for an hour. But modern researches have shown that if you will take an interval after every 5 minutes of the walk at a speed of 5 miles per hour, then it will help you to burn about 47 calories. It is not possible for everybody to hold the same pace of walking for an hour. This is why you need to walk at a high speed for 5 minutes and then you can take an interval of 1 minute every time.

  • Running Lunges

The next step that you can inculcate in your workout routine is to add some walking lunges. A set of step-ups for about 10 minutes will help you to burn 50 more calories every time. If you can do this every day in a week then you can burn nearly 300 calories and in a month you will be able to lose nearly 1500 calories.

  • Use Stairs

If you are walking on a plane land then the calories burnt are in a regular manner. On the other hand, walking on an elevated surface increases the number of calories burnt significantly. If it is not possible to have an elevated surface you can do this by climbing through the stairs of your home. If you can add 15 more minutes into your routine exercise for walking then it can be really beneficial for you. If you don’t have time for a walk for an hour, then you can do this 4 to 5 times a day.


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