The power of sitting still and quiet all by yourself is underrated because people associate it with something abnormal. Yes, being left out or completely isolated from social contact is a problem that needs addressing but, we are talking about a deliberate attempt to clear your mind. Any place is perfect whether it is your living room, office cabin, or park. If you can find a silent place, that’s all you need.

Then, meditation and yoga also go hand in hand because it is all about bringing the body as well as the mind to peace and harmony. As a beginner, here are some things you can do to start your journey towards a better daily life.

1. Finding a Private Spot for Yourself

Though people would stress having a private spot, it does not have to be so strict. Because you need some space and calmness as a priority rather than a big room exclusively allotted to you. So, if you go to a park, find a calm silent place. If you are in the office and have a cabin, you can sit there too. Many can just go to their roof at a time of the day when the surrounding noise is minimal.

2. Keep Your Phone Silent

This is something that is detrimental for many because they are always in an alert state to receive a call, read and reply to a message, and so on. This is not just a problem for an individual but for the country as a whole. Meditation can bring peace but a phone can destroy it within seconds. So, train yourself to not be intimidated by this device.

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3. Have a Peaceful Atmosphere

Have a Peaceful Atmosphere

Meditation and yoga are all about talking to yourself. But, if there is noise around you then that is not possible. Some like the specific time of the day because it is naturally silent. Some like a particular place because it is less noisy.

4. Sit Straight and Meditate

Meditation means sitting idle, silent, and focusing on the inside. Keeping your body straight and having a pillow to balance any tilt is ok. But do not go to sleep because it can completely break the rhythm. Sleep though seems a silent thing, is not the same as meditation. Allow the energy and mind to be steady, and feel your every breath.

5. Duration Is the Key

Allow enough duration because meditation is all about finding inner peace. Then, go towards doing yoga for an equal amount of time. It can be an hour in the beginning, and then gradually move to a couple of hours every day. Ideally, you should devote 1/6th of the day towards these activities for the best results.

Meditation and yoga are for bringing happiness to your body and mind, so invest in the time with full devotion. At several places in the US, you can take classes where they offer both. When you do that, it improves your concentration power, as well as other bodily functions like good sleep, good appetite, and energy to work.

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