Warm-up is a must before you start your routine exercise. It warms your body up by increasing the blood flow into your blood vessels. Most people think that warm-up is only required to make the body easy for the exercises. But along with this, it is also true that a perfect warm-up will protect you from injuries as well. It will relax all your muscles and will make you ready for the workout. Here are some of the exercises that can keep you away from injuries.

1. Moving Hamstring Stretch

Moving Hamstring Stretch

In most of the exercises, we depend on our legs especially in the case of the cardio exercises. So you need to take special care of your leg muscles especially the thigh and the cuff muscles. Moving hamstring stretches gives stretch to your hamstring muscles. To do this, you need to raise your legs at your waist height bent from the knee. This will look like you are kicking on the air and repeat it 10 times for each leg. This will make the hamstring muscles relaxed and they will be able to move towards any direction you want.

2. Dynamic Quad Stretch

Dynamic Quad Stretch

First you need to lie down on your back and then bend the legs from the knee joint. Now pull your legs back so that you can feel the stretch on the quad and hamstring muscle of your leg. This stretching should also be done for 10 repetitions for each leg.

3. Dog Stretch

Dog Stretch

This stretching technique will help you to stretch all the muscles of your body, especially the back and abdominal muscles. To do this, you need to rest your body on your hands and knees. Now you have to take your knees up from the ground with the support of your toes on the ground so that your body gets to the shape of an arch. From here raise your head towards the ceiling and push your waist towards the ground and put all the pressure on your hands and legs. Then again you need to bring your chin back to the chest and push the waist away from the floor. Continue this exercise 10 times. This will give fluency to your body during your exercise.

Though there are some more exercises for stretching but as per the experts, these three exercises are the best among all. Other than these, you can do side twisting of your body that helps in loosening the fats deposited around your waist. This stretching exercise is beneficial for those who have a tendency of abdominal muscle cramps during exercise. On the other hand, there is stretched arm twisting which is beneficial for the relaxation of the muscles of your back and chest. Your neck muscles also can get injured in due course of exercise so you need to do some exercises on them too. It becomes mandatory for everyone to go through proper stretching exercises so that during the main course of exercises, they don’t get injured.

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