To stay fit, you need to stay physically active. The more you will stay active physically, the more you will stay safe from the dangers of lifestyle diseases. But going to the gym sometimes becomes impossible due to the busy professional life of many of us. People, who are involved in white-collar jobs, often have to sit in their cubicles for long hours. This is why they inculcate the risk of lifestyle diseases in their life. But they can stay out of the danger by incorporating small changes in their daily routine.

  • Use a Bicycle Instead of a Car

Most of the white-collar employees use cars or cabs to get to their workplaces. But if the workplace is somewhere near to their residence, and then it is better to use a bicycle instead of a cab or car. It will help you to stay active and will shade some of your calories too. This idea of biking is great but is not feasible in the urban setup. But if you are working at any of the rural setups, then it becomes easy for you.

  • Use the Stairs Instead of the Lift

There are ample opportunities around you through which you can stay active all over the day. In the corporate offices, there are lifts as well as stairs to get to the upper floors. Here you need to make a choice whether you are going to avail the lift or the stairs to get to your respective floor. If you will use the stairs, then you will stay active and you can get rid of the unwanted risks that are generated from your work habits.

  • Utilize the Lunch Break

Most of the corporate organizations allot lunchtime to their employees. In some cases, the lunchtime is till the time you finish your lunch and no prescribed time is allotted. But here also you can have some opportunity to have some exercise. You can have a walk around the floor or can get two floors down and come up again through the stairs to incorporate your physical activities. On the other hand, if you are having a prescribed time for lunch, then you can utilize half of your time for eating and the rest for a walk. Keeping a pair of walking shoes under your desk will work.

  • Roll of the Desk

If you are a corporate employee then you need to re-think about the desk on which you are working. You need to have a standing desk as it will keep you standing for a considerable amount of time. You will also be able to move around your desk whenever you are feeling bored of standing. Another such tricky thing you can do is arranging the meetings in the evening while you are on a walk. 4 or 5 of your staff can gather together for the meeting and you can talk during your walk. This will help you in managing the time well too.

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