In a series of studies from the European Society of Cardiology, they found that excessive sugar intake as a part of the diet can lead to serious problems. Sugar consumption is not bad for health but “too much sugar” can mean too much fat deposit too. And, it’s the heart that pays the price in the long term. Because this was published in the Journal of Preventive Cardiology by ESC, it’s something to take a look at.

According to a Ph.D. student from the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health, it is well-known knowledge that excess sugar in our body is always converted to fat because this fat will be used in case of starvation of the body. However, the student also found that the fat tissues around the heart and in the abdomen region can release harmful chemicals into the body. And, as a result, they conclude in their study that “too much sugar is bad for health”.

The top 6 countries that have a problem with excess sugar consumption are the US, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia. Also, the demand for sugar is increasing in the countries of Asia and Africa. Because sugar is a substitute for energy and sugary drinks are on the rise in all markets, it is a growing concern among public health advocates.

An observational study found that sugar-sweetened drinks and beverages like carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks, and confectionaries compound this effect. In the case of long-term excess sugar consumption, the fat stores around the heart can cause serious problems for many.

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According to an ongoing cohort study in the US, Alabama, California, and others, data was collected from 3,070 healthy participants. After measuring the food and beverage intake for 20 years from 1985 to 2005, it was found that their chest CT scans of heart and abdomen found volumes of fat. The fat stored around the heart was specifically of concern. Because of higher intake of sugar as a population has become a fashion from beverages to food, this is causing a health issue that is largely unnoticed until it’s too late.

Similarly, Dr. Lyn from the University of Minnesota confirms that consuming too much sugar via drinks and food results in a higher amount of fat. And, this is common knowledge. Having the knowledge of hidden sugar in the form of glucose, syrup, sucrose, and maltose can help you be aware of your food because higher sugar intake on a long-term basis can be disastrous to the heart, and health.

And, as one can truly imagine, Dr. Lyn confirms that it’s our food agencies and government who have to understand the serious implications around food regulations. Individual role in consumer awareness is useful but without regulations in food manufacturing, restaurants, schools, and workplaces, this cannot be achieved.

To have healthier alternatives, awareness, and regulation is foremost important. Finally, a note to consumers who can take a call for their better lengthy life without suffering from diabetes or heart disease.

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