Sleep is a very important factor for the fitness of any person. We generally get habituated with the timing we go to bed to sleep and the time when we wake up. But if by any chance we need to shift somewhere else or to change the timing of our sleep, then it becomes very difficult for all of us. People who travel from one country to other countries generally face jet lag and they take time to get habituated with the local time of that country. Thus here are some of the techniques through which you can gradually change your schedule of sleep.

The first thing you need to reschedule your sleep habit is to keep the time constant while you wake up. This will help you to go to bed a bit early and you will fall asleep quickly. Generally, while we sleep late and get up early, we tend to sleep early on the next day as the tiredness sticks with us. It is a very good habit to get to bed early naturally.

If you are an early riser, then you should follow your chronotype of sleep. Many researchers have proven that people who tend to rise early have better health as well. If you think that getting up early is being harsh for you, then you can take a power nap in the afternoon. If you have to change the sleep schedule for sure, then it is better to do it gradually and not to try this suddenly.


Researchers have shown that people from the younger age group tend to go to bed later and also wake up late. On the other hand, older people go to bed early and get up early too. Since it is a natural process, you need not change it forcibly.

If you have a habit to do some exercise after dinner, then you have to leave it for now. Exercises increase the blood flow into your body and make your brain and other organs active. This leads to the late arrival of tiredness into your body and keeps you awake for long. This is why the experts advise that you should never do any kind of exercise before bedtime.

To sleep, you need to get relaxed. If you want to sleep early at night then you need to relax your mood. Firstly you can take a shower in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. It will be better if you can add some essential oils to the water. The aroma will work best to drive away your tiredness. Then you need to make your mind empty by driving all your thoughts and stresses. You can listen to some soft music to relax your mind or can read a book. Finally, you need to take deep breaths to fall asleep. The most important thing in this regard is that you need to avoid hanging out in your bed as it causes the sleep to stay away from your eyes.

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