Sugar is a very common thing in our daily diet. It gives you instant energy if you eat it raw. In all kinds of carbohydrate foods, sugar is present in different forms. But excess sugar can make you fall ill. An excessive amount of sugar in your blood can cause dysfunction of your internal organs. Dictations say that avoiding sugar in your daily diet can keep you fit and healthy. Here are some effects on your health if you have been consuming sugar for a year.

Quit Sugar

1. Eating sugar causes you craving for sugary foods just after you finish your first unit of it. It causes you to eat more sugar to satisfy your craving for it. But if you can control your craving and can stay out of it for 20 minutes only, the craving gets lesser and you feel easy to stay far from sugary foods. This is the first step for you if you are determined to stay away from sugar.

2. As you have determined to leave sugar, it’s the second step and after an hour after you leave sugar, you will feel more energized to do your regular work. There is a common tendency that people look for having some snacks during their work. But as soon as you decide to stay away from sugary foods, you would feel less attraction towards the sugary snacks during your routine work.

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3. As soon as you stop taking sugar in its raw form, you will experience some withdrawal symptoms. Eating sugar becomes a habit and gradually it turns into an addiction. Thus it will cause you some unpleasant experience after the first day you stop taking sugar. It will let you feel a strong craving for sugar, anxiety and in advanced stages, depression due to lack of sugar in your body.

Quit Sugar

4. After the first week, you quit sugar from your food list; you will definitely feel good from all aspects of your life. If you were addicted to soft drinks, preserved foods, desserts, soda, and all, then you might find your body in detox mode. But if your diet is under your control with more protein, fiber, and fats, then you will definitely feel more energetic, less sluggish, and in a good mood always. It will give you visible results in your weight loss journey.

5. After a month from the day you stopped eating sugar, you will find less cravings for sugary foods. You may think that not eating sugar can cause you a lack of energy in your body since glucose is the source of energy in your body. But leaving sugar doesn’t mean stop eating glucose and you take glucose by other means also.

6. If you can spend a year without eating sugar, then you can easily feel the difference in your life. You will find less body weight, increased fitness as well as improved functions of your body organs. A sugar-free life will help you to live on essential nutrients as well as lesser fat content in your muscles.

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