One of the most common reasons for pain and stress around the neck and shoulder area in the body is an improper sitting posture and poor lifestyle. This has been compounded further by the changes that the Coronavirus has brought about in us. Apart from disturbing our daily routines, the pandemic has also drastically changed our sitting and working postures, thereby, debilitating our body. This is true for all age groups. But the most havoc it is playing is with younger bodies. The earlier our posture gets spoilt, the more damage it will do to our physical well-being. And the most critical area where it will have a lasting impact is the neck and shoulder. After all, our entire posture, be it sitting, standing, or walking is dependent on the way our neck and shoulder behaves.

Neck and Shoulder

Last year was bad for the entire mankind. This is true for both the mind as well as the body. The pandemic has tortured us both mentally as well as physically. It has played havoc with the way we deal with our lives.
Work from Home has been forced upon us. People are sitting in front of computers for hours on end leading to cramped necks, and tired shoulders. As a result, it has led to debilitating communication skills, apart from various other side effects. From a regular home to office and back home routine, we have been reduced to sedentary animals looking for a break from the monotony of sitting alone through meetings on a computer.

We no longer jump out of bed and rush to the office to sit on a posture-driven chair. Over the last year, we have reluctantly stepped out of bed and moved from uncomfortable chairs to couches. This has played havoc with our bodies. Our necks and shoulders especially have gone for a toss.
The easiest and fastest way to relieve pain in this area is to do some simple yoga exercises. All it takes is just 15 minutes to stretch your muscles and remove stiffness and release pressure points. Simply roll over your neck and shoulders, gently massage them and bring them back to life.

You can do this either at the start of the day, the end of the day before you go to sleep, or even while working during the day. In other words, take just a quarter of an hour from your busy schedule and see the magic work. Just a few simple stretches on a mat will do the needful.

Lookup any video, join a club, register at online classes, and roll-over your mats to release the tensions around your neck and shoulders. There are video platforms that have been designed specifically for this purpose. They guide you through a 15-minute flow designed with the sole purpose of helping you work on the required parts of the body. The calming effect it has takes you to another level of relaxation, triggering a new, fresh body to start your work with.

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